Alpaca Open Postponed!

We have to postpone Alpaca Open 2021 to the end of October 2021! All details:
We had high hopes until the beginning of this week that we can run Alpaca Open 2021 this spring. However, the press-conferences and the current Covid laws do not allow the planned date end of March. Also the option to move it 2 weeks later into April does not look feasible as currently the COVID statistics are worsening again. Which means that it is unlikely that there will be any further relieves on the current regulations and therefore we are by law not allowed to hold an outdoor sport event.

We’ve anticipated this situation already when planning the tournament and reserved an alternative date in the Disc Golf Austria tournament calendar. And therefore we postpone the Alpaca Open 2021 to the weekend of 30th and 31th of October 2021.

All already registered participants who have or will pay their registration fees until 21th of March have two options:
1) Either you would like to hold your reserve spot:
In this case you have to do nothing 🙂 You still have the option to back out of the tournament at a later point under normal conditions (100% refund if this is done more than a week before the tournament).
2) or you would like to get your registration fees 100% refunded now.
Please send us your bank details so we can transfer the money back to you. As a consequence you will lose your current spot. However, we will have a full 4-stage registration before the tournament and you can re-enter the tournament in this phase.
All participants that have not paid until 21th of March will be deleted from the participants list.
The upcoming registration Stage 3 will be opened as planned this Sunday 21:00 CET to give all players without a high enough rating to enter the previous stages the chance to reserve a spot for October (if payments arrive until 21th of March).
Planned registration Stage 4 will be canceled for now.
Thank you for your understanding. We really hope all later tournaments will be able to run as planned!
See you in October 🙂
the Alpaca Open Team


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