Central European DG Championships 2020: September 26-27 in Szarvas, Hungary

… proud to announce Hungary’s bid as the winner of the CEDGC 2020 selection procedure. Similarly to last year, the committee didn’t have much to think about, as Hungary’s bid was the only one submitted, but that shouldn’t mean that our goal for the 2020 tournament wouldn’t be living up to the extremely high standards that the previous events have set for the series of these events.

Date of CEDGC 2020: September 26-27, with September 25 (potentially even Sept 24 ) available for practice
Location: Szarvas, Hungary, The tournament will be played in the 80+ hectare large and stunningly beautiful Arboretum (botanical garden, natural reserve) of the city, on a PAR63 championship course.
TD:non-playing TD Dani Hatvani (#31400)
Preliminary fees: 13.000,- HUF / player (admission to park, player’s pack with a disc or similar in value, overheads, etc.), 4.500,- HUF / non-player (admission to park, small souvenir). HUF/EUR rates are at 335 today.
Catering:lunch (~ 1.500,- HUF / person / day ) and snacks/drinks offered on both tournament days
Accomodation: players will need to organise themselves, but we will offer several options, Szarvas is a holiday town in summer.
More info: we expect to launch a tournament website in early 2020, it should have all the info any players may need.


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