PDGA Women’s Global Event – Turnierorganisator*INNEN gesucht

Werte Discgolfer*INNEN, es wäre großartig würden mehr Frauen in Österreich discgolfen. Weltweit gibt es eine Initiative dazu (mehr siehe unten). Der ÖDGV würde eine Teilnahme an dieser begrüßen und auch finanziell unterstützen. Bei Interesse für dieses globale Event ein Turnier in Österreich zu veranstalten – Email to: vorstand@discgolf.at

For nearly 10 years you’ve helped us break records at the PDGA Women’s Global Event (WGE). In 2021, we want you back to shatter them once again.

The PDGA WGE returns on May 8-9, 2021 as global celebration of women’s disc golf. It is a participation–oriented event encouraging women to play locally, but also tallies results on a worldwide leaderboard. Now in its fifth running, the PDGA Women’s Committee has set some lofty goals for this year’s experience, including:

3,000 players.
150 individual tournaments.
That’s where you come in. As an experienced tournament director, we’re hoping you’ll sign on for 2021. If you’re ready, please sanction your event now. If it is a female-only event, make sure your event title starts with “WGE”. If there will be male and female participants, add “+ WGE” to the end of the tournament title.

One major change for 2021, keeping in mind local COVID-19 rules and restrictions, is that WGE events can be held over two days to allow for the two-day/one-round tee time format. There are also several special requirements for a PDGA WGE tournament, most importantly that the same course and layout must be played for two rounds. Learn more about what it takes to be on the PDGA WGE schedule.

The deadline for registering your event as a PDGA WGE is April 9, 2021, so you’ve got a lot of time. However, keep in mind that there could be special logistical considerations for COVID-19 in your area so you may need to contact your Parks and Recreation Department well in advance to appropriately plan for your event.

Also new for 2021, we’ve rolled out exclusive PDGA WGE-only Players’ Packs that are available through the Official PDGA Store. This is a cost-effective way to enhance the value of your event and make it even more memorable. The PDGA WGE Player’s Pack is perfect for amateur events. Here’s what’s in the packs, which you can purchase for as low as $18 – $25 based on how many you order:
PDGA WGE-stamped Dynamic Discs Judge
PDGA WGE-stamped Innova Discs
PDGA WGE Disc Golf Pin
PDGA canvas bag
PDGA Towel
PDGA Disc Golfer’s Code reusable scorecard
PDGA pencil
And more!
Player’s packs are not available for individual purchase until April 15, so these are exclusively your resource as a TD to pre-order until then. The PDGA On-Line Store also offers other WGE merchandise that you may wish to pre-order for your event to enhance the player’s packs or to distribute as prizes.

We hope you’re ready to help make this the biggest PDGA Women’s Global Event yet. If you’ve got any questions, check out our PDGA WGE FAQ which includes deadlines for submitting event scores and other important information. And if you’re not going to run an event, you can always play one. Find your local PDGA WGE.

See you on the course May 8-9!

The PDGA Women’s Global Event Committee


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