registration to the 2016 edition of őrség open is available starting now

Oersegall infos, and registration is here:

please note two changes this year:
– for the first time this year, registration fees will be playable per bank transfer, account details are found on the tournament website
– we had to change the course, and move it to a new location. it is the same distance from the campsite as it was last year, and the layout is a little bit different. hope you will like it. all info is available on the website. aoart from the change in the playing experience, this new locaion has another effect, we needed to increase the tournament fee by 3-4 euros / person, as we need to hire tents, benches, and somehow arrange some cold water to the site.

thanks and see you soon, and as always, please come to me with your questions!

dani hatvani


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