Kope Open review

2016KopeOpenby Bostjan Babic

From 8th till 10th July mount Kope hosted its 4th “Kope open – The Lumberjack trophy” tournament. Some players showed up really early to test the course which has never been an easy one, but this year 3 new fairways have been changed so it is even more challenging. In the evening we had a bonefire on the plato where lower 4 holes are located. Players were able to test those holes till dark and than join the party at the fire.

On Friday we also stared with qualifications on our unique “treadmill putting challange” where players compete putting while standing on the treadmill while beeing carried away from the basket. The course this year had new flat wood base tee offs which were covered with non slip carpets and benches each tee off.

On Saturday we continued with treadmill putting and in the afternoon had some adrenalin ruch on the “giant swing” later that evening we partied on a trade night and Jack-daniels party ion the Hotels pub. First three rounds were dominated by Slovak player Michal Kudela, all other players failed to get near last years winner! But the battle for 2nd and 3rd got heated in the final all the way to the last hole. In the Womens division the lead after finals was held by Sona Svercova and for the first time on Slovenian tourney we had real Junior category which was won by Svit Savnik who is showing a lot of promise since he is still 14 years old . Kope open proved again that it is worth a visit, with its beautifull nature, challenging course, spotters new tee off-s and all the sponsors. Be sure not to miss it next year.


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