Ungarische Nationalmeisterschaft

Post aus Ungarn bezüglich „Ungarische Nationalmeisterschaft“.
In aller Kürze: stattfinden wird diese am 10.-11. Oktober.

Details findet ihr im folgenden Emailtext von Dani Hatvani.


dear all!

i know that this is coming on very short notice, but stupid as we are, it wasn’t until very recently that we thought that our national championships could as well be an open tournament…

i am sending this email to some selected disc golf friends/hubs who could potentially be interested in joining, but of course you are free to forward this to anyone. and of course, no hard feelings if nobody comes in the end (we’ll see you at budapest open anyways 😉 ).

ok, let’s go to details. if you have nothing better to do that weekend, and feel like playing some competition and fun like in the good old times, then please come and join us!

what: disc golf hungarian national championships

categories: open, women (no masters, no juniors)

pdga affiliation: no, this is not a pdga event (yet. perhaps next year.). but it is recognized by the hungarian federation as the official hungarian nat champs, so it’s kind of very official. nevertheless, we’ll use the pdga rules of play.

when: october 10-11, 3 rounds of 18 holes, plus short final

where: vértesboglár, a small village among the hills, close to m1 hoghway, still before budapest coing from west (2 hours from vienna, 1,5 hours from blava)

course: variation of wide open areas, woods, slight elevation changes, ob areas, course par 59. we’ll play at 9 baskets, two tees going at each. we’ll set it up on friday afternoon for practice purposes.

costs: will be low budget, will try to keep costs around 8-10 eur, all inclusive (except accomodation, see below)

accomodation, food: it should depend on how many non-hungarians want to come. there are really nice village accomodations, but if there are only a low number of people interested in coming, we could also offer places in our homes. budapest is 40 min drive away from the course. in any case, we’ll sort this out.

registration: pls drop me a line. deadline is oct 6, no need to pay in advance, just drop me a line. i won’t be TD-ing, just helping out the guys with the organisation. max limit is 36 ppl, i am expecting around 15-20 hungarians, so there are spots for around further 20 ppl. If we experience a huge interest then we’ll think things over and extend the tournament. somehow.

please bomb me with questions!




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