Vorschau auf die Disc Golf Saison 2016 in der Slowakei

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Dear friends of Slovak disc golf,
we wish you a great year 2016 and as many birdies and aces as possible. We would like to invite you for the 2016 Slovak disc golf events. Here is quick overview of the main events:

  • April 9-10, Budmerice Spring Fling (PDGA C)
  • April 30 – May 1, BTS Urban Mayday (PDGA C)
  • June 11-12, Smolenice Open (PDGA C)
  • July 2-3, Makov Open (PDGA C)
  • October 15-16, Hlohovec Slovak Open (PDGA C) and
  • September 24-25, Central European Disc Golf Championship @ Smolenice (PDGA XC)

You can find more details about these events in the text below and also in the attachment. Beside that we also organize a handful of smaller one-day non-PDGA sanctioned tournaments that may be interesting for players living close including the winter tournaments:

  • February 7, Winter Challenge @ Kuchyna
  • February 28, Stompfa Cup @ Stupava
  • March 12, Matfyz Spring Doubles @ Bratislava

and a two day fall tournament in a fantastic location  in the middle of Slovakia

  • September 17-16, Krpacovo Open

As always, you can find an information (including registration) about all Slovak tournaments at our website.


Here is a brief description of the main events:

April 9-10, Budmerice Spring Fling (PDGA C)

Budmerice Castle Park offers a great park environment for a start of the disc golf season. The reconstruction of the castle is now finished, so we will have an access to the whole park this year. Once again we prepare a large portion of moderately long holes that are particularly suitable for women players. Budmerice are just a short car ride from Bratislava and are easily accessible by public transport. The registration for Budmerice Spring Fling will open  on February 11.

April 30 – May 1, BTS Urban Mayday (PDGA C)

Last year we have started a new tradition – to celebrate the spring festivities in the city while playing disc golf in a great urban/park environment directly in Bratislava. If you have watched last year’s worlds at Slippery Rock University, you know what to expect in Bratislava – rolling hills course with a mix of short and long technical holes with a plenty (and we mean plenty) of natural OBs – buildings, sidewalks, roads, blackberry bushes, etc. Furthermore, a new space was recently opened in the area and thus we will bring you a couple of fantastic new holes, including a signature Par 5 hole and her shorter Par 4 sister. Definitely a very special DG course in the central Europe easily accessible via Bratislava or Vienna airport.

June 11-12, Smolenice Open (PDGA C)

Smolenice Open is one of the tournaments that should be on the bucket list of all players. Great space in a huge Smolenice castle park that offers everything you can dream about – large meadows for huge drives, tight wooded fairways for precise drives and of course, the final signature hole right from the castle tower. Smolenice are simply a classic you should not miss. And this year we prepared a speciality. To promote women division further we will reserve 24 spots for the female players. We hope to bring some of the best european players in women division together for a great practice tournament for EDGC. Smolenice are less than an hour car ride from Bratislava.

July 2-3, Makov Open (PDGA C)

The upper part of the Makov course is a hidden gem. It is only playable for one week a year but it features some of the best disc golf terrain in Europe. The area is so remote that players need to hike in the morning about 25 minutes from the comfortable tournament center and hotel SkiApartments Makov to reach the secluded hilly meadows where lunch is delivered directly by a jeep. The second part of the course on the downhill slope features tricky long downhill shots where you can throw your disc full speed and see it disappear at the horizon (while spotted by other players, of course). Summer in Makov is definitely special.

October 15-16, Hlohovec Slovak Open (PDGA C)

We have organized a smaller tournament in Hlohovec for the last three years and now is the time to step it up, so we organize the open Slovak national championship there. This year we will add holes that reach from the large park up a hill to Hlohovec castle. The final round will also bring more water hazard around the large park pond. Hlohovec is a short car ride away by the highway from Bratislava and it may become the new disc golf hotspot in Slovakia. The local kindergarden is already teaching disc golf for 5 years!

September 24-25, Central European Disc Golf Championship @ Smolenice (PDGA XC)

The Smolenice course will host the inaugural Central European Disc Golf Championship. It will bring together the best central European players in open, women, and open junior division. The tournament is not open for a general public, you need to earn your spot either by your top PDGA rating  within the region or you can be nominated by your national disc golf governing body. The rules of the competition can be found at:


The registration for CEDGC will open in May-June 2016.

February 7, Winter Challenge @ Kuchyna

One day winter tourney in dense woods about 30 minutes ride from Bratislava. Tricky technical holes with some longer narrow fairways.

February 28, Stompfa Cup @ Stupava

Last year we could not play in Stupava because the park was flooded. This year we hope the weather will be better because the huge park offers holes as long as anybody wishes. Bring all of your long drivers and let them fly! Stupava is a western suburb of Bratislava.

March 12, Matfyz Spring Doubles @ Bratislava

One day small doubles tournament at the permanent course in Bratislava. Some holes will be extended to bring more thrill. The first round is best shot, the second round is the worst. The final round will combine both.

September 17-18, Krpáčovo Open

Central Slovakia offers fantastic setup for your holiday. Low Tatras are a huge touristic destination and Krpacovo is right in their middle with an alpine lake surrounded by the hills. The area offers unbelievably great conditions for disc golf that were never used before. The infrastructure in the hosting hotel is superb. This is the place where high level tournaments will be held in the future, and you have a chance to try it before the crowds will come.

We hope we will see you in Slovakia this year,

Richard & Katka & Cirsson & Kasho & Miso & Stefan & Joe & Chlpo


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